Article 1 Purpose

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Service (hereinafter referred to as "User") and Game Services Rights, responsibilities, and other necessary matters relating to the use of the Services provided by Game4ten Corporation(referred to as "the Company").

Article 2 Definitions

The definitions of the terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows, and the interpretation of terms that are not defined depends on the related laws and practices.

1) "User" means a person who has downloaded a game or application from an app store operated by an app store operator or a platform operator in order to use services provided by the company.
2) "Service" means all game services provided by the Company.
3) "Content" means all the contents produced by the company in connection with the services such as game and network services, applications, game money, and game items provided by the company so that they can be used through smart devices.
4) "Smart device" means a device that downloads, installs and uses applications provided by the company, and is capable of transmitting / receiving data to and from devices such as PCs, mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs, tablets, portable game machines, console game machines, .
5) "Application" means a program that is downloaded or installed through a smart device to use the services provided by the company.
6) "App Store Business Operator" means an open market business operator who can download applications provided by the company and make in-app payments.
7) "User information" refers to general information including information entered by the user when using the service or agreed, and game information including character, item, and experience on the user's service.
8) "In-App Purchase" means payment action for purchasing items, functions, paid content, etc. within an application.

Article 3 Effect and Change of Terms of Use

1) These Terms and Conditions shall be published within the application servicing the member so that the user can easily recognize it, and take effect when the user installs and executes the application.
2) The Company may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws or regulations.
3) The Company may change these Terms and Conditions to improve the related laws and regulations, the rights and obligations of users, and services. If the Company changes the terms and conditions, the Company shall determine the contents of the changed terms and the applicable date, and submit the application to the Company website, the official cafe, and the application provided 7 days prior to the application date (from 30 days prior to the matters that seriously affect the user's rights and obligations) And will be effective from the date of application.
4) The user has the right to reject the changed terms. Users who object to changes to the Terms may terminate the service and terminate the use contract (withdraw from membership).
5) If the Company discloses or announces the revised Terms and Conditions, or if the User does not express his / her intention within the prescribed period, the User will not express his / You agree to the modified terms.
6) Any matters not expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws or practices.

Article 4 Conditions

1) These Terms and Conditions shall be applied with the separate policies of the individual services provided by the Company. Separate terms and policies may be applied to matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions, and the terms and policies shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations established by the government.

Article 5 Establishment of Service Use Contract

1) The use agreement shall be deemed that the user agrees to these terms if the user agrees to these Terms of Use, downloads the company's game, or uses the content through the network.
2) If the user disagrees, the user can withdraw the application with logout and deletion.

Article 6 Protection and Use of Personal Information

1) The company strives to protect the personal information of the user as stipulated by related laws and regulations, and the protection and use of personal information is subject to the related laws and regulations and the company's privacy policy. However, the company's privacy policy does not apply to services and applications not provided by the company.

2) Depending on the nature of the service, the user's nickname, picture, and other information about himself / herself may be disclosed.
3) The Company may require the user to use a copy of the user's identification card or a certificate equivalent to the reason (use) of the user if necessary for identification. The Company can not use it for any purpose other than its prior notice.
4) The company does not provide personal information of the user to others without the consent of the user, except when there is a request from the related government agencies, etc.

Article 7 Management and Change of Personal Information

You must faithfully manage your personal information for the use of this service and change any changes to your personal information. It is the responsibility of the user to be liable for any damage caused by delay or omission of the member's personal information change.

Article 8 Obligations of the Company

1) The Company does not prohibit the related laws and the terms of this agreement and strives to provide continuous and stable service.
2) The Company is committed to the security obligation to protect the user's personal information.
3) If the opinions or complaints from the users are objectively recognized as fair, the Company shall promptly process them by appropriate procedures. However, if it is difficult to process it promptly, the user should be notified of the reason and schedule of processing.

Article 9 Obligations of User

1) The user must comply with the matters stipulated in these Terms and Conditions and other regulations prescribed by the Company and the matters notified by the Company. In addition, the user should not act in any manner that disturbs the business of the company or damages the honor of the company.
2) The user must comply with related laws such as the Juvenile Protection Act. If a user violates related laws such as the Juvenile Protection Act, he or she will be punished according to the relevant laws and regulations.
3) The user can not use the service without prior consent of the company, and the user is responsible for the result of the business activity. In addition, if the user damages the company due to such sales activities, the user shall be liable for damages to the company, and the company may demand damages from the user after restricting the use of the service and proper procedures.
4) The responsibility for the management of the user ID belongs to the user and should not be used by a third party.
5) The user shall not engage in any of the following activities, and in case of doing so, the Company shall restrict the use of the services of the user, delete related information (text, photos, images, etc.) You can. You are also responsible for any problems that arise.
(1) Registering false contents or enraging others when filing, changing or registering
(2) the act of stealing information from another person
(3) Do not change the company's program without hiring special rights from the company, hack the company's server, arbitrarily change part or all of the website or posted information, or use the company's service in an abnormal manner
(4) Abuse of company program bugs
(5) Acquiring, transferring, or trading cyber assets (ID, characters, items, money in the game, etc.) in a manner that is not normal
(6) Doing harm to the service or intentionally interfering with the service;
(7) Doing business using services without prior approval of the company.
(8) Reproduction of information obtained through this service for purposes other than use of the service without the Company's prior consent, use of such information in publishing and broadcasting, or provision to third parties
(9) transmitting, posting or otherwise distributing content infringing the patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual property rights of others to other persons;
(10) transmitting, publishing, or otherwise distributing information, statements, drawings, sounds, or videos of vulgar or obscene content that violates the Juvenile Protection Act or the Act to others;
(11) transmitting, posting, or otherwise distributing content that may be infringing the honor or privacy of someone else's content that is very insulting or about personal identity
(12) Harassing or intimidating other users or giving continuous suffering or discomfort to certain users.
(13) Collecting or storing personal information of other users without approval of the company.
(14) Acts that are objectively judged to be connected with crime
(15) Acts that violate other related laws and regulations

Article 10 Provision of Services

1) The user agrees to the terms of this agreement, or download the company's game, or use the network to use the content at the time of using the service contract is considered to be established. However, for some services, the service can be started from the designated date according to the needs of the company.
2) The Company may provide game services to users and may provide other additional services, including the services set forth in these Terms, in providing game services.
3) The company can classify the users' ratings and differentiate them by subdividing the time of use, the number of times of use, and the range of services provided.

Article 11 Use of Services

1) The company provides services using dedicated applications or networks for smart devices. Users can download and install applications, or use the network for free or for a fee.
2) In case of paid service, you have to pay the specified rate for the service. If you download the application through the network or use the service, you may incur a separate charge from the mobile service provider.
3) In case of downloaded or installed application or service used through network service, it is provided according to the characteristics of smart device or mobile communication company. In case of change of smart device, number change and overseas roaming, In no event will the Company bear any responsibility.
4) The Company shall provide 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a special obstacle in business or technology. However, in case of operational necessity such as periodical system check, expansion and replacement of server, addition of new game contents, patching of various bugs, replacement with new service,

Article 12 Change and suspension of services

1) The Company may change the services it provides in accordance with its operational or technical needs. The content of the service to be changed and the date of the service will be notified to the user through the homepage or application. However, if there are unavoidable circumstances such as a fatal bug that the company can not notify in advance, a server machine defect, emergency security problem solving, etc., it is possible to notify after the fact.
2) If the company needs to stop all services due to the planning or operation of the service or the urgent situation of the company, the company can notify the website or application and stop providing the service. You may not claim any compensation for damages other than damages caused by the inability to use the paid service in case of service interruption or service interruption.
3) The company may limit or suspend all or part of the service if the following conditions are satisfied.
- If there is a force majeure such as exhibition, affairs, natural disaster or national emergency
- If there is interference with normal use of the service due to power outage, disorder of facilities or runaway usage
- In case of inevitable construction due to maintenance of service equipment
- If the company can not provide services due to various circumstances
4) The company is not responsible for any problems caused by changes or cancellations of services.

Article 13 Restrictions on Use of Services

The Company may restrict the use of the service without prior notice when the user violates the contents of Article 9 of the Terms and Conditions of the Service.

Article 14 Provision of information and advertisement

1) The Company may place advertisements in order to maintain this service, etc., and the user agrees to the advertisement when the service is used.
2) The Company shall not bear any responsibility for losses or damages caused by the participation, communication or transaction of the user in the advertisement of Paragraph 1 provided by the Company.
3) The Company may require additional information about the user for the purpose of improving the service and introducing the service to the user. The user can approve the request and provide or refuse additional information.
4) The Company shall use SMS (LMS), smartphone notification (Push notification) and E-Mail when providing the advertisement of Clause 1 and the information of Clause 3 by using the personal information collected from the user with the user's prior consent If you do not want it, you can reject it at any time.
5) In accordance with the terms and conditions of the platform provider and the app store operator providing the information to the company in connection with the above information and advertising, and in accordance with the relevant laws and ordinances.

Article 15 Restriction of Use of Copyrights and Restrictions on Use

1) The copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the works created by the company belong to the company.
2) The copyright of the post posted by the user in the service belongs to the corresponding copyright holder.
3) The user can not use the information obtained by using the service for commercial purpose without the consent of the company or make it available to the third party.
4) The postings posted by users in the service may be exposed to search results, services and related promotions, and may be modified, duplicated, edited and posted to the extent necessary for such exposure. In this case, the company shall comply with the contents of the Copyright Act, and the user may at any time take measures such as deletion, search result exclusion, and non-disclosure of the post through Customer Center or in-service management function.
5) The Company may delete or refuse the registration itself without prior notice if the user's post is found by a third party due to a problem of copyright or the like and there is a reason for it, The contents of the posting are subject to copyright laws and related laws.

Article 16 User's post

1) Any loss or problem caused by the user's posting is the responsibility of the individual user and the company is not responsible for it.
2) If the Company considers that a particular post is defamatory, invasive of privacy, etc., the Company shall take "temporary action" on the relevant post or material without prior notice to the publisher, and after that, Depending on your policy, you can delete or restore it.

Article 17 Purchase, Use Period and Use of Paid Content

1) Users can purchase paid content according to the payment operation policy of each App Store business operator according to the type of smart device that uses the service, and there may be a difference in payment amount due to the difference of the payment policy. In addition, the purchase price of paid contents will be charged according to the method and policy determined by the mobile communication company, platform operator and the app store operator connected with the app store operator, and the payment method also follows the policy of the corresponding company.
2) Paid content purchased by users in the game service can only be used on the smart device that has downloaded or installed the corresponding game service application.
3) The period of use of the paid contents purchased by the user is basically one year, and after this period, the user loses the right to use the paid contents. In the case of paid content, however, the period of use is specified separately. You may use the paid content only in your own account, and you may not transfer, rent, or sell it to any third party except as otherwise provided by the Company.

Article 18 Payment

1) The company's application includes in-app billing for in-app item purchases.
2) The user should prevent third-party In-App settlement by using the password setting function of the smart device and the password setting function provided in the open market. In order to do this, the company recommends the Korea Communications Commission and 'Open Market Mobile Contents Apply payment module and library for in-app payment with application of authentication procedure provided by open market according to payment guidelines.
3) The company does not bear any responsibility for the third party's in-app payment that occurs when the user does not use the smart device and open market password setting function or is negligently exposed.
4) If a user subscribes to a mobile service provider's Youth Plan, if the user makes in-app payment on the smart device, the content is considered to be the consent of the legal representative.
5) The user is responsible for paying in-app payment in good faith.
6) Payment limits may be granted or adjusted for each payment method in accordance with the policies and information policies of the company and payment companies (mobile carriers, open market stores, application stores, etc.).

Article 19 Withdrawal of subscription and refund of purchase price

1) In the case of paid contents purchased by the user, withdrawal can be canceled without any fee within 7 days from the contract date or the availability date of the paid contents. However, for paid content that is provided free of charge from the company or a third party such as gifts and events, paid content that is already used or considered to be used at the time of request for withdrawal of subscription, (Article 17, Paragraph 2, Subparagraphs 2 to 3 of the Act on Consumer Protection and Article 16-2 of the Online Digital Content Industry Development Act), the withdrawal of the subscription may be restricted. In this case, the company will take action as stipulated by related laws, such as notifying users when purchasing paid contents.
2) In the following cases, withdrawal of paid content is restricted, and the company indicates that withdrawal of paid subscription content is restricted before withdrawal.
- For items that start using immediately after purchase or that apply to your application immediately
- For items that have earned the normal usage of the application without payment
- If the additional benefit is used in an item with additional benefits
- If some of the item sold in bundled form is used
- For encapsulated / probabilistic items that can be viewed using the unsealing act or whose utility is determined upon opening
3) The refund will be made according to the refund operation policy of each app store operator depending on the operating system type of the smart device that uses the service, and the detailed refund application procedure will follow the notification on the company homepage. Also, depending on the refunded amount, paid content in the game will be deducted by the amount withdrawn.
4) We will not refund the paid content that the user acquired as compensation for the game service without payment through the payment of the usage fee recorded in the actual purchase history, or paid by the company through internal event or external affiliation event.
5) In case of requesting withdrawal or refund of the subscription, it is done by confirming the purchase history of the company after passing through separate personal information consent process through the customer center of the company. Through this process, We will go through the verification process. In order to confirm the reason for the withdrawal of the User in the course of the process, the Company may contact the User through the information provided by the User, if necessary, to confirm the fact and to request additional proof.
6) If a child has paid for paid content sold in the application without the consent of the legal representative, the minor or legal representative may cancel the payment. However, cancellation is limited if payment of paid contents by minors is within the scope of the property allowed to be disposed of by the legal representative or if the minor causes the child to believe that he / Whether the buyer of the paid content is a minor is determined based on the name of the payment instrument, such as the smart device or credit card where the payment was made. If you are asked to cancel a minor's payment, you must submit a document proving your minor and legal representative as required by your company.
7) Payment via application is subject to the payment method provided by the open market operator. Therefore, in the event of a mistake in the payment process, you should request a refund to the open market operator in principle. However, depending on the policy and system of the open market operator, the company may request the fulfillment of the refund procedure required by the open market operator.
8) In case of paid contents payment made through gift function, payment cancellation and refund can not be done in principle except for the case where there is a defect in purchased paid contents. In case of paid contents, Available.
9) If the contents of the paid contents are different from the contents of the display and advertisement or the contents of the contract, the user shall pay the contents within 3 months from the date of receiving the paid contents, You can cancel your subscription within a few days.
10) In the event of conversion to free content through paid content, it can be judged that the user has expressed intention to use it. Also, if the basic unit that can be purchased within the game service is damaged due to the use of whole or in part, I think I have revealed my doctor. In addition, when the user approves the acceptance process on the screen related to sending and receiving paid contents such as message box and gift box, it is judged that the user expresses intention to use. This includes the case where the purchase was made by someone other than the intention of the head.

Article 19-2 Effect of withdrawal of application

1) If the user withdraws the subscription pursuant to Article 19, Paragraph 1, the Company shall reimburse the payment received within three (3) business days from the date of withdrawal or deletion of the paid service and withdrawal or deletion of the paid service.
2) In case of Paragraph 1, if the Company delays the refund to the user, the Company shall pay the delayed interest calculated by multiplying the rate prescribed by the Enforcement Decree of the same Act and the 「Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce」 for the delay period.
3) In the case of the refund of the above amount, the Company shall, when the user pays a credit card or other payment by the payment method set forth in the Enforcement Decree of the Consumer Protection Act for Electronic Commerce etc., Request to suspend or cancel the charge. However, if the company has already received the payment from the payment agent, it will be refunded to the payment agent and the consumer will be notified.
4) If the company has already partially used or partially consumed the goods, the company shall charge the user the amount equivalent to the cost of the profit obtained by the user or the supply of the goods by partial consumption or consumption of the goods You can.
5) If the user withdraws the subscription pursuant to Article 19 (1), the user shall bear the cost of returning the goods, etc., and the Company shall not be entitled to claim penalties or damages for the withdrawal of subscription to the user.

Article 20 Refund of Fault

1) In the case of fraud caused by intent or negligence of the company, the fraudulent money will be refunded to the user. However, in the event that a fault occurs due to user's intention or cause of misconduct, the Company shall bear the cost of refunding the fraud within reasonable limits.

2) Payment via application is subject to the payment method provided by open market operators. Therefore, in the event of a mistake in the payment process, you should request a refund to the open market operator in principle. However, depending on the policy and system of the open market operator, the company may request the fulfillment of the refund procedure required by the open market operator.
3) Charges incurred by using application downloads or network services (such as calls and data charges) may not be eligible for a refund.

Article 21 Termination of Contract and Termination of Service

1) The user can terminate the contract through membership withdrawal if he / she does not want to use the service at any time. Your withdrawal will be processed immediately and any content information you have at the time of withdrawal will be deleted and can not be recovered.
2) If the user has acted for any of the following reasons, he / she may terminate the use contract or suspend the use of the service by setting the period.
- If you register false information when applying for service
- If you intentionally disturb the operation of the service
- You have stolen someone's service ID and password.
- When transmitting a large amount of information or transmitting advertisement information for the purpose of hindering stable operation of the service
- distributing computer virus programs that cause damages to companies and users
- Other violations of service policy
3) In case of termination or discontinuation of the use agreement pursuant to the preceding Paragraph, the user can not use downloaded contents, and can not receive the returned contents purchase price, data call charge, and monthly service usage fee.

Article 22 Compensation for damages

1) The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the User in connection with the use of the free services provided by the Company. However, in the event that the cause of the company is attributable to the user, we will compensate for the damage suffered by the user.
2) When a company concludes an agreement with an individual service provider and provides individual services to the user, if the user agrees to the individual terms of service and damages are caused by the individual service provider's cause, the individual service provider Is responsible.
3) If the Company receives various kinds of complaints, including claims or lawsuits, from a third party other than the user due to illegal acts or violations of the Terms by the user, If the company is not indemnified, the user is responsible for compensating the company for any damages incurred by the company.

Article 23 Disclaimer

1) The Company shall not be liable for the provision of services if it can not provide services due to natural disasters or force majeure.
2) The Company shall be exempted from liability for damage caused by unavoidable reasons such as maintenance, replacement, periodic inspection and construction of service facilities.
3) The company shall not be liable for any problems caused by the environment of the smart device or problems caused by the network environment without cause of the company's fault.
4) The Company shall not be liable for the suspension or use of service caused by the cause of the user or the termination of the contract.
5) The Company shall not be responsible for the contents of the information, data, facts, credibility, accuracy etc. of the user in relation to the service.
6) The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages or loss of information caused by users changing their personal information (including accounts).
7) The Company has no obligation to intervene in the dispute between users or between users and third parties.
8) The Company shall not be liable for the use of the services provided free of charge unless there are special regulations in the relevant laws.
9) The Company shall not be liable for any loss or loss of the user's expectation of using the service.
10) The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by misrepresentation or misrepresentation of user's personal information and e-mail address.
11) The Company shall not be liable for loss of the game experience, rank, item, game money, etc. acquired by the user while using the service, except in case of negligence of the company.

Article 24 Jurisdiction and Governing Law

1) If the matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions are stipulated in relevant laws and regulations, they shall be in accordance with applicable regulations.
2) If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising out of the use of the service, the court pursuant to the procedures set forth in the Act shall be the court of competent jurisdiction.
3) Disputes arising between the Company and the User regarding the use of the Services shall be resolved by agreement between the Parties.

Article 25 Offer of prizes, etc.

1) If the personal information provided by the user to the company is false, the event related to the payment of the prizes may be canceled.
2) The Company shall pay the prizes after the completion of the withholding procedures, etc. in accordance with the standards set forth by the relevant laws and regulations. In the event that the user who is the target of the payment such as the prizes to be imposed the tax bills, You may request the consent of the legal representative.
3) If the user does not receive the prize after 1 month after the announcement of the event winner without reason of the company's reason, the event win can be canceled.

These Terms will be effective from September 1, 2017.


The end.